I help clients to experience an great horse vacation!When you read my webpage I speak of riding horses in Portugal.  In this page I am going to explain why riding in Portugal is such a unique and satisfying experience.  Riding in Portugal is a different kind of riding experience, one that stems from the fact that the country is rich with classical riding traditions.  A riding holiday in Portugal will improve your horsemanship and you will have fun at the same time!  An avid rider myself, I represent the finest dressage horse riding and training facility in the country and for more than seven years I have been helping clients to plan a trouble free horse vacation. As the exclusive agent to Morgado Lusitano Riding Center I provide my services to help you experience the perfect horse riding holiday.

Why go to Portugal to learn to ride better?

This is a good question!  I guess the most important reason is the fun you will have while riding quality horses. The culture of Portugal has Come ride beautiful stallions on your horse riding vacationsomehow been infused with a gentleness that seems to define the character of the instructors. Because of this they are able to guide your learning in a way that is non-threatening.  Contrast this with other countries methods, where strictness and discipline are the rule, and you can see why learning in Portugal makes for a decidedly better riding holiday. Many experts agree that to improve your riding skills you need to ride many horses.  Ideally, these horses would be trained above your current  level; however, in many countries this is often difficult to find.  As students we are often learning to ride and at the same time trying to teach our horse what we want them to do!  It is a bit like tuning a grand piano at the same time you are being taught to practice scales.  This makes the learning process very complicated and clearly it would be easier to learn a new movement on a horse that was already trained to deliver it.  In Portugal, the opportunity to ride highly trained horses is a real possibility. Since the horses we supply are already trained, you can concentrate on having fun while improving your riding. 

Why this specific riding facility?

What is it that makes Morgado Lusitano special? The primary reason is the Lusitano breed of horse and the classical heritage of horsemanship that they represent. Classical horsemanship seems to have endured in Portugal without many modifications. Until recently, cultural changes mustFall in love with special horses on your riding vacation have either come through Spain or across the ocean, and this has created a culture that has been resistant to fads in horsemanship. The consistent training of these horses, enables you to experience a horse riding holiday in a way that isn't possible anywhere else. Another reason is that this facility is not just a riding school for students. Their main purpose is to take young horses and train them through High School movements.  This means that good horsemanship is practiced every day at virtually all levels.  The instructors that teach you are the same trainers that work with the horses, and this complete knowledge is what makes the time you spend here so insightful and valuable.  Some of the horses you may ride are used in shows; some are for sale; and some exceptional ones are permanently stabled as school riding mounts.  But all offer the aspiring rider a chance to ride different horses, and most of them are trained to a degree that is unavailable as a school mount in other countries.

It's not only the riding that counts.

Another important factor is the treatment of the client.  From personal experience I can tell you that few other training stables will make you feel as comfortable.  You can trust your hosts to ensure that you are safe, havepicture yourself here on your equestrian holiday secure clean housing, good food, reliable transportation, and are able to communicate in English.  Without these basic necessities, any learning you hope to do becomes far more difficult.  In general, Portugal is a very friendly country, and although the facility I represent goes out of their way to make riding the priority, they also understand the stresses that visiting a foreign country can induce, and work hard to reduce these effects.

Isn't it expensive?

We did a study to help provide an answer to that question.  It revealed a wide variation for what riding lessons cost in the USA.  A minimum for a Experience airs above the ground on your horse holidaygroup dressage lesson seemed to be around $55.00.  A clinician with a known reputation varied from $75.00 to $230.00 per session and the lessons were often only 45 minutes long.  The highest case, almost a joke really, was for $2000.00 per day!  So it would appear that riders will pay whatever the market will bear, regardless of quality or content, with an average being around $150.00 per session.
Now consider riding costs in Portugal.  Most holidays last one week and consist of 12 lessons at least an hour long. The cost of this in the USA would be around $1800.00. Add food (21 meals at $10.00 each),  hotels ( 7 nights at $80.00 per night), transportation and entertainment and the trip should cost over $2600.00 per person.  However; in Portugal this is the approximate cost for TWO persons!  If you consider the credentials of the instructors and that the highly trained horses are also included, it is clear that a horse holiday in Portugal is a relative bargain.  Clients who have visited certainly agree.


Some final thoughts...

There is one other factor that makes your riding holiday in Portugal especially productive.  This is the immersion factor.  Portugal is just remote enough that you will find yourself leaving your normal daily routine at home.  When we are in a foreign environment our normal routines are missing and so we are much more receptive to "fill in the gaps". It seems easier to focus without all the distractions of making a living at home. This freedom allows you to experience and learn what the riding holiday is really about, and that is to feel the magic and oneness with your equine partner.  And isn't that the point of your riding holiday in the first place?  

So what do I do next?

The specific information about Morgado Lusitano is contained on their website.  Please visit www.RideinPortugal.com where the web pages explain about their venue, the housing, a sample schedule and their prices. Review the site and then call or write to me.  You can contact me by clicking here, the "contact me" link of Morgado Lusitano. I will contact you as soon as I receive your e-mail and begin the process of helping you take the first leap of your journey.  Joseph Berto

This page was last updated on 07/22/07.